Annex 3. Question Set on USAID Programs and Policies

Part I. Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Current Programming

  1. Please describe how USAID programs in-country include people with disabilities routinely as members of the general populations reached by USAID programs:
    1. Please describe the efforts made to track the numbers of persons with disabilities reached or monitor or evaluate their opinion of your programs within the larger programs you offer:
  2. Please describe any accommodations or modifications to programming made for people with disabilities to enable them to be included in non-disability-specific USAID projects or programs in this country:
  3. Please describe any USAID programs geared specifically toward people with disabilities:
  4. If these programs exist, how many people with disabilities do you think these USAID programs reach or impact?
  5. What areas in the Democracy and Governance sector does your mission work on (for example, Rule of law, elections and political party building, civil society, governance, etc.)?

Note: Please only ask Questions 6, 7, and 8 if the persons indicated the mission runs that type of program. For example, if they tell you they do Rule-of-law work, then only ask them Question 6.

  1. In the Rule-of-law sector, what training is provided on the legal rights of people with disabilities?
    1. Further, what programs or activities were developed in relation to the legal rights of people with disabilities?
  2. In the Elections sector, what programs have you developed to increase people with disabilities’ ability to participate in elections?
    1. Describe any specific accommodations made for people with disabilities to access electoral systems:
  3. In the civil-society sector, how have you involved disabled people’s organizations in civil-society or capacity-building programs?
  4. Please describe any programs in which the USAID mission contributed specific funds out of their annual budget to projects directly related to people with disabilities:
  5. Please discuss whether the USAID mission in which you work sought funding for disability programs under the Disability Fund or other specific funds:
  6. Please describe any contacts USAID has with local organizations that advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, or provide services or program support for people with disabilities:
  7. If you are in contact with local organizations that advocate for people with disabilities, or provide services for people with disabilities, are these organizations run by people with disabilities themselves (disabled people’s organizations, or DPOs)?

Or are they services run for people with disabilities?

  1. Please describe any USAID programs run at “group homes,” or USAID-funded work dealing with “group homes” in any way:

Also, please describe any funding or programs that this mission has provided for local orphanages:

  1. Please describe the mission’s recruitment procedure for people with disabilities from within the country:
  2. What accommodations (or modifications to programs) are in place to ensure inclusion of people with disabilities in USAID programs?
  3. Please describe any training you have received at USAID on disability issues:
  4. Please describe where the focal point at USAID is at the country level for questions about people with disabilities or disability issues:
  5. Please describe any resources, places to get information, or guidance on disability issues within USAID at the regional level or from Washington:
  6. Please explain any other places you go/would go to find out about disability in development issues:
  7. Please describe any discussions you have had about disability issues/inclusion of people with disabilities with your colleagues here in country:
  8. Please describe any USAID policies that pertain to people with disabilities:
  9. Please describe U.S. laws that pertain to people with disabilities:

After they have answered, ask about the Americans with Disabilities Act if they do not bring it up or if they ask what relevance it has to the in-country work they are doing now:

  1. Please describe international laws/laws in-country regarding people with disabilities:

After they have answered, ask if they have heard anything about the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. If they have heard of it, ask them to tell you more about it:

  1. Is there anything else regarding in-country work and people with disabilities that I should be asking you about or that you think is important for me to know?
  2. Follow-up question: If this is the first time you have thought about inclusion of people with disabilities in in-country work, is there anything you would recommend be done to ensure inclusion of people with disabilities in future programs? (What do you suggest would be beneficial?)

In 1995, NCD was designated by the Department of State to be the U.S. Government’s official contact point for disability issues.

National Council on Disability • 1331 F Street, NW, Suite 850 • Washington, DC 20004