Best Practices for Accessible Prescription Drug Labeling

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Photo of a variety of brightly colored prescription pills on a black glossy surface

"Best Practices for Accessible Prescription Drug Labeling" (PDF)

In 2012, Congress  tasked NCD with a public awareness campaign regarding accessible drug labeling best practices under the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (FDSIA). 
Section 904 of FDSIA authorized the U.S. Access Board to convene a stakeholder working group to develop these best practices. On July 2013, the working group convened by the U.S. Access Board released its list of best practices for making prescription drug container label information accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired or elderly. The best practices offered are advisory only. 
NCD developed a trifold brochure summarizing these best practices and requested pharmacies and pharmacy associations disseminate the information to their affiliates and members. Advocates are also welcome to print and utilize the brochure in conversations with their own local pharmacies to increase awareness of the best practices. 
Additional Information:
A list of the best practices, working group members, legislative background, and other germane information is available at the U.S. Access Board's website at: