National Summit 2010 & Forum Series

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In 2010, NCD celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with its partners by convening the first-ever National Disability Policy Summit in Washington, DC.

A high-energy, diverse group of more than 500 people from U.S. Territories, tribal entities, 48 states, and one foreign country gathered at the multi-day event to launch a national dialogue on disability policies and programs for the 21st century. Attendees were asked to identify emerging opportunities to enhance "Living, Learning and Earning" -- the summit's theme -- for people with disabilities.

The programming for the summit was guided by a conviction that the greatest challenge in making a real difference in the lives of people with disabilities relates to effective cross-silo coordination and collaboration. The goal was to focus on recommendations that feature "how to" steps for change, rather than to reaffirm longstanding well-established problems.

During the summit, NCD announced its intent to host a series of regional forums across the country in alignment with the topics within the theme "Living, Learning, & Earning."

The regional forums were held in the following locations around the country and involved participants from the hosting state as well as neighboring states:

  • Detroit, MI ("Earning")
  • Portland, OR ("Living")
  • Orlando, FL ("Learning")

Participants at each forum included a representation of self-advocates, family members, community allies, state government representatives, non-profit organizations, providers, and Federal Government.

  • The goals for each forum were:
  • Identify emerging opportunities to enhance the way people with disabilities live, learn, or earn (each forum focused on a single aspect);
  • Establish new mechanisms, and build upon existing ones, to improve the coordination of disability policies, programs, and advocacy efforts; and
  • Energize collaborative networks to guide future disability policy directions.