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Closures inDepth

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Closures inDepth 


Closures inDepth 


This section of the Deinstitutionalization Toolkit includes some additional resources for information on the subject of “Closures.” These are external documents that may be accessed for a more “inDepth” review of the topic area.

Closure Plans (by Institution)

Alabama—Partlow Developmental Center

Partlow’s Legacy of Shame. Alabama Disability Advocacy Program, 2008.

Transition Plan for Individuals who reside at Partlow Developmental Center. Alabama Department of Mental Health, 2011.

California—Agnews Developmental Center

Report on the Plan for Closing Agnews Developmental Center. California Health and Human Service Agency, 2007.

Evaluation of Senate Bill 962 Pilot Project. Center for Human Services, UC-Davis, 2010.

Final Report on the Closure of Agnews Developmental Center: Keeping the Promise of the Lanterman Act. California Assembly Briefing Paper, 2010.

Florida—Gulf Coast Center

Justification Review: Florida Developmental Disabilities Program. Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability, 2000.

Developmental Disabilities Program Takes Action on Some Recommendations; Still Needs to Address Service Issues to Better Meet Its Client Needs. Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability, 2003.

Gulf Coast Center Closure Action Plan. Agency for Persons with Disabilities, 2005.

Illinois—Lincoln Developmental Center

Lincoln Developmental Center: The Politics of Closing a State Institution-Vulnerable People Fall Victim to Special Interests. Equip for Equality, 2003.

Lulinski, Norris A., M. C. Rizzolo, and T. Heller. (2010). An Analysis of Movement from State Operated Developmental Centers in Illinois. Chicago: Institute on Disability and Human Development, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Closure Plans (by State)


State of Louisiana: Plan for Transformation of Public Developmental Centers to Supports and Services Centers. Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities, 2007.


HB 970 – Rosewood Center – Plan for Services to Residents. Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, 2008.


DMR Community Services Expansion and Facilities Restructuring Plan. Executive Office of Health and Human Services and Department of Mental Retardation, 2009.


Mount Pleasant Closure Plan. Michigan Department of Community Health, 2009.

New Jersey

Blue Print for the June 30, 2013 Closure of Vineland Developmental Center. New Jersey Department of Human Services. Division of Developmental Disabilities, 2011.


State Budgeting Matters: Closing State Institutions, Richard Sheridan, The Center for Community Solutions, 2004.

Report to ODMR/DD: The Future Roles of Ohio’s Developmental Centers in the Continuum of Care, Incident Management Services, 2006.


Long Range Plan for Developmental Disability Services, Mental Health and Developmental Disability Services Division, Office of Developmental Disability Services, July 1996.


S. H. Norris, L. Latham, and D. Payne. (2007). Arlington Developmental Center Closure and Community Transition Plan. Department of Finance and Administration, Division of Mental Retardation Services.