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Strategy inDepth

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Strategy inDepth (PDF, 170K)

Strategy inDepth (DOCX, 72K)

This section of the Deinstitutionalization Toolkit includes some additional resources of information on the subject of Strategies. These are external documents that may be accessed for a more “inDepth” review of the topic area.

Additional Resources

Personal Stories

From Loving Arms: Georgia’s Children Living in Nursing Homes and State Hospitals. Institute on Human Development and Disability. University of Georgia, 2005. (personal stories).

Moving Forward: Developmental Center Residents Tell Their Stories About Moving to the Community. State of New Jersey Department of Human Services, 2009. (personal stories)


State-supported self-advocacy:

Dispelling Myths

Massachusetts Institutions Dispelling the Myths. Massachusetts Arc, 2009.

Working with State Legislators and Congress Members

Overcoming Opposition from Parents

NPR story about tours sponsored by the Georgia Children’s Freedom Coalition:

Parent once opposed to closure now one of the biggest advocates for closure:

Mother, daughter find new life after Howe:

An Eight Year Follow-up of Young Adults with Significant Disabilities Living in the Community. Z. Stoneman and B. Al-Deen. 2006. (Georgia—shows that although parents were initially worried, most changed their minds)

Legal Strategies

Statement of the Department of Justice on Enforcement of the Integration Mandate of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Olmstead v. L.C.

Remarks prepared for delivery by Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division, Regarding the State of Georgia’s Mental Health and Developmental Disability System

Legislative Strategies

Massachusetts Disability Law Center letter to support facilities restructuring plan, April 22, 2011. (example of support that a protection and advocacy organization can offer)