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National Council on Disability to Hear Presentations from Government Leaders about Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness

Friday, April 11, 2008

April 11, 2008

WASHINGTON—The National Council on Disability (NCD) will hear presentations and discuss homeland security and emergency preparedness issues for people with disabilities at the Westin Arlington Gateway, 801 North Glebe Road, Arlington, VA.

Some of those scheduled to speak are:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008
8:45 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Curt Decker, Executive Director, National Disability Rights Network

11:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.
Mike Starling, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, National Public Radio (NPR), and Executive Director, NPR Labs

1:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.
Chad Colley, Vice Chairperson, NCD
Nicole Francis, Counsel, House Committee on Homeland Security
Andy Weis, General Counsel to Senator Susan M. Collins, Senate Committee on Homeland Security
Scott Spicer, Senior Analyst, U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)
David Wise, Acting Director, Physical Infrastructure Team, GAO

3:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.
Ted Costin, Director, Preparedness Division, Virginia Department of Emergency Management
Steve Kral, Senior Policy Advisor, Washington, DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
JoAnne E. Knapp, Director, Emergency Preparedness Policy, Maryland Department of Disabilities

Wednesday, April 23, 2008
8:30 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.
R. David Paulison, Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

In 2003, NCD committed to evaluating government’s developing role in the areas of homeland security, emergency preparedness and disaster relief for people with disabilities. This commitment occurred, in large measure, as a result of the terrorist events of September 11, 2001, and the subsequent creation of DHS. NCD’s first evaluation findings were issued in April 2005 in the report, Saving Lives: Including People with Disabilities in Emergency Planning. (/newsroom/publications/2005/saving_lives.htm).

Under the Homeland Security Appropriations bill (H.R. 5441), signed by President Bush on October 4, 2006, NCD was assigned key responsibilities for disability-related issues in homeland security.

The homeland security and emergency preparedness discussions are part of NCD’s quarterly meeting that begins on Monday, April 21 at 8:30 a.m. and concludes on Wednesday, April 23 at 12:30 p.m. at the Westin Arlington Gateway in Arlington, VA.

NCD is an independent federal agency and is composed of 15 members appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. We provide advice to the President, Congress, and executive branch agencies to promote policies, programs, practices, and procedures that guarantee equal opportunity for all individuals with disabilities, regardless of the nature or severity of the disability; and empower individuals with disabilities to achieve economic self-sufficiency, independent living, and inclusion and integration into all aspects of society.

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