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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a federal law that permits individuals to request access to federal agency information and documents, except for records protected from disclosure by FOIA.

Make a FOIA Request

Before submitting a FOIA request, please be sure to thoroughly browse NCD’s website, including About Us, Newsroom,Progress Reports, Publications & Policy Briefs, Meetings & Events, and the NCD Policy Areas, which contain extensive information already available to the public.

When submitting a FOIA request to NCD, the requestor should:

  •     State the request is being made under the Freedom of Information Act;
  •     Be as specific as possible in identifying requested records;
  •     Include his or her name, address, and phone number.

NCD will make every effort to respond to FOIA requests as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

NCD’s Freedom of Information Officer is Amy Nicholas, Attorney Advisor:

Amy Nicholas
Attorney Advisor
National Council on Disability
1331 F Street, NW, Suite 850
Washington, DC 20004
202-272-2074 TTY
202-272-2022 Fax

Additional resources are available for the FOIA reference guide and regulation.

FOIA e-Library

NCD strives to proactively publish as much information about NCD and our work processes as possible. That way, information that might be requested via a FOIA request can be readily found by any member of the public on our website, but not necessarily in this e-library. Examples of available documents on our website are: NCD Bylaws; Performance and Results Act Reports ; Congressional Budget Justification Reports; Financial Audit Reports; NCD strategic plan; Letters to stakeholders; NCD reports and NCD’s FOIA policy and procedures for requesters. While NCD publications are posted throughout the website, non-NCD documents, such as official government responses to NCD letters, will be posted here to the NCD FOIA e-Library. If you need help to determine whether the information you seek is posted to our website please contact NCD’s FOIA Public Liaison, Amy Nicholas, at 202-272-2008 or

  • [AbilityOne Commission response to NCD request for assistance collecting data for NCD report](/assets/uploads/docs/abilityone-commission-response-to-ncd-correspondence.pdf)
  • [FEMA Response to NCD Letter on Office of Disability Integration and Coordination](/assets/uploads/docs/mr.-clyde-terry—response—508—2017-03-03.pdf)

FOIA Annual Reports

FY 2024

[FY 2022 NCD FOIA Annual Report (PDF](/assets/uploads/docs/2022-foia-annual-report-final.pdf)[)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy18–final-.pdf)

[FY2022 NCD FOIA Annual Report (CSV)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-foia-2022-annual-report.csv)

[FY2022 NCD FOIA Annual Report (XML)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy22-final.xml)

FY 2023

[FY 2022 NCD FOIA Annual Report (PDF](/assets/uploads/docs/2022-foia-annual-report-final.pdf)[)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy18–final-.pdf)

[FY2022 NCD FOIA Annual Report (CSV)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-foia-2022-annual-report.csv)

[FY2022 NCD FOIA Annual Report (XML)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy22-final.xml)

FY 2022

[FY 2022 NCD FOIA Annual Report (PDF](/assets/uploads/docs/2022-foia-annual-report-final.pdf)[)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy18–final-.pdf)

[FY2022 NCD FOIA Annual Report (CSV)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-foia-2022-annual-report.csv)

[FY2022 NCD FOIA Annual Report (XML)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy22-final.xml)

FY 2021

[FY 2021 NCD FOIA Annual Report (](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy20-foia-annual-report-final.pdf)[PDF](/assets/uploads/docs/2021-foia-annual-report-final.pdf)[)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy18–final-.pdf)

[FY2021 NCD FOIA Annual Report (CSV)](/assets/uploads/docs/2021-foia-spreadsheet.csv)

[FY2021 NCD FOIA Annual Report (XML)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy21–final-.xml)

FY 2020

[FY 2020 NCD FOIA Annual Report (PDF](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy20-foia-annual-report-final.pdf)[)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy18–final-.pdf)

[FY2020 NCD FOIA Annual Report (CSV)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy20-foia-annual-report.csv)

FY 2019

[FY 2019 NCD FOIA Annual Report (PDF](/assets/uploads/docs/fy2019-annual-foia-requests.pdf)[)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy18–final-.pdf)

[FY2019 NCD FOIA Annual Report (XML)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy19-final.xml)

FY 2018

[FY 2018 NCD FOIA Annual Report (PDF](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-foia-annual-report-fy18-final.pdf)[)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy18–final-.pdf)

[FY2018 NCD FOIA Annu](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-foia-annual-report-fy18-final-xml.xml)[al Report (XML)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-foia-annual-report-fy18-final-xml.xml)

[FY2018 NCD FOIA Annual Report (DOCX)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-foia-annual-report-fy18-final.docx)

FY 2017

[FY 2017 NCD FOIA Annual Report (DOC](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-foia-annual-report-fy16-final.txt)[X)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy17–final-.docx)

[FY2017 NCD FOIA Annual Report (XML)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-fy17–final-.xml)

[FY2017 NCD FOIA Annual Report (XLSM)](/assets/uploads/docs/foiaannualreport-v1-ncd-2017.xlsm)

FY 2016

[FY 2016 NCD FOIA Annual Report (TXT)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-foia-annual-report-fy16-final.txt)

[FY 2016 NCD FOIA Annual Report (PDF)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-foia-annual-report-fy16-final.pdf)

[FY 2016 NCD FOIA Annual Report (DOC)](/assets/uploads/docs/ncd-foia-annual-report-fy16-final.doc)

FOIA Quarterly Reports


Quarter 1 Data: [PDF](/assets/uploads/docs/28911-ncd—2023—q1—quarterly-foia-report.pdf) (Posted Jan. 17, 2023)

Quarter 2 Data: [PDF](/assets/uploads/docs/29611-ncd-2023-q2-quarterly-foia-report.pdf) (Posted April 24, 2023)

Quarter 3 Data: PDF

Quarter 4 Data: PDF 


Quarter 1 Data: [PDF](/assets/uploads/docs/25211-ncd—2022—q1—quarterly-foia-report.pdf) (Posted  April 22, 2022)

Quarter 2 Data: [PDF](/assets/uploads/docs/26426-ncd—2022—q2—quarterly-foia-report.pdf) (Posted April 22, 2022)

Quarter 3 Data: [PDF](/assets/uploads/docs/27096-ncd—2022—q3—quarterly-foia-report.pdf) (Posted Oct. 31, 2022)

Quarter 4 Data: [PDF](/assets/uploads/docs/28111-ncd—2022—q4—quarterly-foia-report–1-.pdf) (Posted Oct. 31, 2022) 


Quarter 1 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted January 4, 2021)

Quarter 2 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted April 5, 2021)

Quarter 3 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted July 20, 2021)

Quarter 4 Data: [PDF](/assets/uploads/docs/24246-ncd—2021—q4—quarterly-foia-report.pdf) (Posted Oct. 31, 2021) 


Quarter 1 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted January 15, 2020)

Quarter 2 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted April 15, 2020)

Quarter 3 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted July 21, 2020)

Quarter 4 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted October 9, 2020)


Quarter 1 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted February 4, 2019)

Quarter 2 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted April 30, 2019)

Quarter 3 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted July 2, 2019)

Quarter 4 Data: [XML ](/assets/uploads/docs/ October 22, 2019)


Quarter 1 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted January 17, 2018)

Quarter 2 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted April 11, 2018)

Quarter 3 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted July 16, 2018)

Quarter 4 Data: [XML ](/assets/uploads/docs/ October 19, 2018)

FY 2017

Quarter 1 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted April 24, 2017)

Quarter 2 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted April 25, 2017)

Quarter 3 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted July 24, 2017)

Quarter 4 Data: [XML](/assets/uploads/docs/ (Posted October 5, 2017)

Chief FOIA Officer Reports

[2019 Chief FOIA Officer Report](/assets/uploads/docs/2019-chief-foia-officer-report–cfo-.docx)

[2018 Chief FOIA Officer Report](/assets/uploads/docs/2018-chief-foia-officer-report-final-oip-approval.docx)

[2017 Chief FOIA Officer Report](/assets/uploads/docs/2017-chief-foia-officer-report-final-oip-rev–2-.docx)

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