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A Reference Tool: Understanding the Potential Content and Structure of an International Convention on the Human Rights of People with Disabilities

Tuesday, July 30, 2002
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July 30, 2002


The purpose of this reference tool is to outline the five general categories of provisions in a human rights treaty, and then to examine the specific types of provisions that are often contained in each particular category and how they have been approached in other texts. To achieve this, sample provisions have been chosen from existing human rights treaties and other relevant documents and included under the appropriate categories, which include (i) introductory paragraphs; (ii) substantive obligations; (iii) institutions; (iv) implementation techniques; and (v) implementing provisions. Each example is preceded by a short commentary that suggests how the particular provision might apply in the context of disability (such as “Equality before the Law” and “Stereotyping of Groups”) or simply how it is relevant to any convention (such as “Information Exchange”, “Signature” and “Ratification”).

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