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Mental Health on College Campuses: Investments, Accommodations Needed to Address Student Needs

Friday, July 21, 2017
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This report documents the challenges, best practices, and emerging trends of supporting college students with mental health disabilities and provides relevant, practical recommendations for reform including federal laws and policies; and best practices for colleges to provide increased access to services, increased training for staff and faculty, anti-stigma activities and outreach, student engagement, and integrated services.

More and more students are seeking support for mental health disabilities at colleges, but colleges have been unable to meet that demand. Some have argued that the nation has reached a “campus mental health crisis.”

This National Council on Disability (NCD) report examines and assesses the status of college mental health services and policies in the United States, and provides recommendations for Congress, federal agencies, and colleges to improve college mental health services and post-educational outcomes for students with mental health disabilities.

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