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Position Paper on Patients' Bill of Rights Legislation

Friday, March 30, 2001
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March 30, 2001


As part of its health care agenda, NCD has long supported the enactment of a comprehensive and enforceable patients’ bill of rights. NCD has been engaged in the issue of improving access to and the quality of health care for people with disabilities for many years. NCD has prepared several reports in the past that address these important issues.

NCD has identified the aspects of a patients’ bill of rights that are most important to people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. NCD does not endorse any specific legislation. Rather, NCD supports any approach that meets the principles that are identified and described in this document. It is our hope that members of Congress and their staff, other federal and state policymakers, and people with disabilities view this position paper as a valuable tool as Congress continues to debate this important issue.

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