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Workforce Infrastructure in Support of People with Disabilities: Matching Human Resources to Service Needs

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
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Jan. 20, 2010


NCD’s research for this report has been undertaken in an environment of significant social, political, and economic change, amid growing levels of unmet demand for services and supports across all sectors of the American workforce. The research has been aimed at better positioning the human resources sector for the future; for example, by providing data and information that organizations can use to understand the supply-demand gaps in the disability-related workforce and to make plans to fill those gaps. The research has also aimed at building industry capability to influence the nature and content of training, as well as capability to manage a sustainable, skilled disability workforce in the future. Finally, in an effort to reflect a holistic view of a community’s workforce expectations, the research has been aimed across all relevant segments of the disability workforce, not just at a select handful of human service occupations.

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